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About Us

the leader in Handcrafted Holsters

Bear Creek Holsters uses quality leather and leather products to make holsters that are both functional and look good, at a competitive price. Our products are sewn at no additional cost and no rivets are used. We expanded from just pocket holsters and to a few holsters for some larger pistols. Our list of handcrafted holsters has increased over the years. View here.

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  1. Front Pocket Holsters for smaller guns
  2. Back Pocket Holsters with removable back panel
  3. Inside Waist Band - IWB
  4. Outside Waist Band - OWB
  5. Concealed Caddy® in two sizes
  6. Quality Belts - Sturdy Belts are best for wearing Holsters
  7. Mag (Magazine) Clips - Single & Double

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      ... Handcrafted, Texas Made Quality, Exotics

Bear Creek Holsters has over ten years of experience in handcrafted holsters with premium leather from the USA. We produce holsters for right and left handers, accessories, adding exotics for a customized product. View our newest pistol holsters. Contact us for details on how to own a Bear Creek Holster.

Our Holsters

are handcrafted & sewn for lasting quality!

“The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is that little extra.” -         Jimmy Johson

In 2016, the L. W. Seecamp Co. began selling the Bear Creek Holsters from their website. We are grateful to be a apart of the Seecamp experience. View the L. W. Seecamp Holster Collection.

Bear Creek Holsters offers handcrafted and sewn products for lasting quality. View our order form for details and we will send you a quote.