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Bear Creek Holsters builds holsters one at a time. We assure that you will get a quality holster, if you are willing to wait to receive it. View our testimonials to see what our clients and the industry is saying, about us.

Front Pocket Holster

Perfect for smaller guns

Bear Creek Front Pocket Holsters are excellent for conceal carry. They are designed to keep your firearm in an upright position in your front pocket. Can be used for primary or back up firearms. Many individuals like them because you can have your hand on your weapon while keeping it concealed in your pocket. You can use the thumb push off at the top of the holster or use the fingers below the grip to push on the tab portion of the holster. Either method allows you to remove the firearm from the holster as it is withdrawn from the pocket.

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Inside Waist Band


The use of Bear Creek In Waist Band (IWB) Holsters as a method of conceal carry is an excellent option for many individuals. This is especially true for firearms that are too big for pocket carry. An IWB holster is held tighter to your body from the tightening of your belt. Most of the holsters we make can be made as an IWB holster. Many individuals that carry two firearms use an IWB holster for a primary firearm and a pocket holster as a back up or secondary firearm.

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Back Pocket Holster

Removable back Panel

Bear Creek Back Pocket Holsters are sometimes called Wallet Holsters. Typically they are designed with a panel attached. Bear Creek Holster's back pocket holster the panel is hinged at the bottom. This allows you to easily reach between the panel and holstered firearm, for presentation of the firearm. You can safely keep your finger indexed along the side of the gun and not on the trigger until you need it. The panel covers the firearm and holster, and it all appears to look like a wallet in your pocket. Excellent means of concealment for smaller pocket pistols!

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Outside Waist Band


Bear Creek Outside Waist band (OWB) Holsters are considered by many as the most comfortable. Unfortunately, they are also considered by many as the hardest to conceal. In colder climates where jackets and coats are more prevalent, concealment is not as hard. In warmer climates where jackets and coats are rare or non-existent, it becomes harder to conceal. The use of a good thick belt helps support an IWB holster.

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Top Features from Bear Creek Holsters

Bear Creek Holsters are handmade with other items such as belts and the concealed caddy.. find out more


  • Cowhide and Horsehide available

  • Bear Creek Holsters made in the USA from the great state of Texas.

  • All Products are Custom Made, not Mass Produced

  • Horsehide is purchased from Horween in Chicago, IL. in business since. Find out more.
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