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Welcome to Bear Creek Holsters • Back Pocket Holsters

Back Pocket holsters are sometimes called Wallet Holsters. They are typically designed with a panel attached.  With our back pocket holster the panel is hinged at the bottom. This allows you to easily reach between the panel and holstered firearm, for presentation of the firearm. You can safely keep your finger indexed along the side of the gun and not on the trigger until you need it.  The panel covers the firearm and holster, and it all appears to look like a wallet in your pocket.  Excellent means of concealment for smaller pocket pistols!  A Back Pocket holster can be used in a front pocket and works very well with larger front pockets like cargo pants/shorts or tactical pants.

Other than the Chicago screw that attaches the removable panel, your holster is 100% sewn.  There is no additional charge for sewing the holster.  We also add some stamping to the holster that improves the looks of the holster in our opinion.

Our back pocket holsters use Chicago screws to attach the back panel. The screws can be removed to use the holster as a Front Pocket holster.  Use a screw driver, or a dime/penny in your pocket will work too!  There will be two small holes (after the screws are removed) but they are not noticeable while in the pocket.  If you want to use the Back Pocket holster for occasional use in the front pocket, this may be the way to go!  Get two holsters for the price of one!

Bear Creek Holsters are also designed to cover the trigger of the firearm as an added safety precaution. We believe uncovered triggers of any firearm while in your pocket, or anywhere on your person, will increase the odds of a negligent discharge.  Do not attempt to re-holster your gun while the holster is in the pocket.  Remove the holster and safely place the gun back in it.  Practice drawing with and UNLOADED firearm.

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