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Left-handed Series available

Front Pocket Left Handed HolsterLeft Handed Handcrafted, Hand Tooled Leather Pistol Holster Front Pocket

Welcome to Bear Creek Holsters • Texas Made Quality • Belts • New Exotics Available


As of 11/1/14--Delivery time is approximately 4-6 weeks!  Some holsters may be completed a little sooner depending on the gun and construction requirements.  If you call in your order, I should be able to give a little better estimate on the delivery time after we discuss.


Delivery times are approximate and can change and are not guaranteed.  I am a one man shop building custom holsters one at a time.  I can assure that you will get a quality holster, if you are willing to wait a little bit to get it.

A Concealed Caddy® or single belt (belt by itself) order will typically be mailed in 2 weeks or less.




After acquiring some Seecamp pocket guns a few years ago, I decided to try my hand at making pocket holsters. The first one was functional, but ugly. I kept making more of them and got better with each one I made. I was fortunate enough to get in touch with RJ Hedley of Hedley Holsters. He was very generous in passing on his knowledge and expertise. He gave me some great information and advice, and then my holsters started to look much better.  After many more holsters customers have suggested I need a website, so now it is a reality. Tools for hand tooled pistol holisters

We use quality leather and leather products to make holsters that are both functional and look good, at a competitive price.  Products are sewn at no additional cost and no rivets are used.  I expanded from just pocket holsters and now also make a few holsters for some larger pistols. We now offer holsters for several guns and slowly add to the list.

Bear Creek Holsters are made and sold by Bear Creek Metal Works, Inc.  Customers are encouraged to communicate with us before they purchase a holster. That will increase the likelihood they get a holster that will accomplish what they are looking for.

Thanks for visiting our website. Look around and maybe you will find something! Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or comments.

Our holsters are handcrafted & sewn for lasting quality!

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